Help shelter abused lions and tigers

Hundreds of lions and tigers rot away in tiny cages - neglected, abused and used for entertainment. Right here – in Europe!  

FOUR PAWS does everything in its power to save these animals and transfer them to a safe place. Take Tsezar, for example, whom we brought to our FELIDA Big Cat Sanctuary just a while ago. This tiger was left to his demise in a small cage. The floor of his enclosure completely flooded whenever the water level rose in the neighbouring river.  

FELIDA, located in Friesland, is our big cat sanctuary and is fully equipped for specialised care. It is a safe haven for rescued lions and tigers, where they can regain their strength. However, sometimes the medical problems and mental traumas are so severe, that these animals need constant specialised care.

In order to keep giving every traumatised lion and tiger the right care, our sanctuary is in dire need of a major renovation. 

Specialised care for big cats remains indispensable. So many tigers and lions are still awaiting our help. More capacity for these animals is needed in Europe. Our sanctuary in Friesland is crucial! 
Will you support this project? The renovations will be done in phases and donations are indispensable for each phase. Not only will you contribute to more and improved accommodation and enrichment for the animals, but also to rooms where the animals can receive medical care and a kitchen where suitable food can be prepared for the animals. 

What is FELIDA? 

At the end of 2013, FOUR PAWS took over a neglected shelter in de Frisian Nijeberkoop. At that time, 26 big cats, many of whom were seriously ill, were living there. They didn't receive any medical care and were wasting away in small, cold and damp cages. We renamed the shelter FELIDA. Since then, we transferred fifteen animals that had recovered sufficiently to our LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. The big cats that stayed, were given a better life with improved accommodations and specialised care. A treatment every animal deserves.  

Despite the limited space and outdated facilities, FELIDA has grown into a specialised sanctuary for severely neglected and traumatized lions and tigers. Many of the animals were previously kept under extremely poor conditions are often in such a bad state that they need intensive care day and night. And we offer it to them!  

We can't imagine not having space for the severely neglected and traumatised lions and tigers that are still waiting to be rescued. Can you?  Help us renovate FELIDA! Every donation counts. 

Donate and help abused lions and tigers

Give abused big cats a second chance: help rebuild and expand FELIDA.